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Balancing The Four Winds

We live in an incredibly exciting and dangerous time in this world’s history. The Bible correctly identifies this as the “Time of the End” (2 Timothy 3: 1), and the “signs of the times” are all around us. Television, internet, and radio media are all “screaming” in one accord the demise of truth, sanity, our freedoms, civilization, and even life itself. So we certainly need to praise our Lord for holding back the “Four winds of the earth” (Revelation 7: 1) a little longer, giving us precious time needed to prepare for the storms that are now on our doorstep. So how do we balance all of this bad news while also facing the realities of stressful busy lives in a rapidly changing society?

The answer may surprise you: The true Christian isn’t busy battling all the festering evil around them. The real Christian battle is with self; and quite the opposite, the peoples of the earth are focused on battling each other, trying to take or get from each other what they want or don’t yet have. The true Christian is more absorbed in giving of their time and resources to spread the gospel (good news) of Jesus to a dying world. So are we “about our Father’s business”? (Luke 2: 49)

Let’s make it simple! Jesus commissioned each of us to spread the good news about Him (Matthew 24:14), but it’s Jesus’ job to change the hearts of the lost (Ezekiel 36: 26-27), if they are willing. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict the lost of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment (John 16: 8-9).

When those who are truth seekers come within your sphere of influence, will they sense that you belong to Christ? Will they desire to be like you and to know what you know about Jesus our savior? Will you in some way communicate the good news about Jesus to them? Will they continue on their way empty, or will you have planted a little seed that our Lord can water at the right time?

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