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Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready

The call to Get Ready is being given with increasing intensity to Christians and non-Christians alike as humanity senses and sees our world and history itself drawing to a close. For some that means stockpiling supplies, moving away from the cities, or many other forms and types of “prepping”. For others it means reading, absorbing, and spreading the word far and wide regards End Times Events and Biblical prophecies. For still others, it means hunkering down, withdrawing from the world around them, and pulling down the shades...but also just the opposite, some may interpret the call as a time to take ‘matters’ into their own hands... or run down the street with their hair figuratively on fire.

Weaving through all of this, much of humanity has an expectation that God is going to take care of ‘business’ and lead believers through to victory.

I would like to suggest that the remaining few unfulfilled prophecies were given to humanity as an affirmation that God continues to be in control as End Time Prophecies are being fulfilled, but not as a predictive theological tool which yet unfulfilled prophecies need to measure up to. Nobody knows prophecy any better than the devil, but he’s also in the business of deception and counterfeit prophetic fulfillments. So understanding Biblical prophecy backwards and forwards may not ensure your Heavenly destiny. Instead, “Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready” may be best understood as a call to decisive surrender of our hearts, minds, and souls to our creator and savior God Jesus Christ: So whether we live just a short time longer, or whether we live to the very moment that Jesus returns won’t change our Heavenly destiny.

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