I was Naked and You Clothed Me

Last Sunday, our church opened its basement doors once again to our community with one of its most used, and perhaps most overlooked means of reaching His hands and feet into our community with something we so easily take for granted: Clothing. It’s a simple, yet vital part of our daily lives, and an invaluable blessing our Clothing Ministry is able to offer. For those who come to us to help stretch a strained family budget with clean, quality clothing, we are helping to ease a burden, renew dignity, and bring comfort to weary hearts.

Many of our shoppers count on us to provide most, if not all of their clothing needs, and their stories often go unknown to us – but we were recently reminded when we had some first-time shoppers share their immense gratitude on Sunday. To be able to walk in and find greatly needed clothes for family and themselves at no charge made a meaningful change in their outlook that was expressed both in words and on their faces.

A new pair of pants and a few new shirts meant the world to one man, who was teary-eyed at the blessing. A woman shopping for her family was in awe at the blessing of new clothes for each of her children! For those who are struggling to make ends meet, this ministry truly provides a means to do so. 

Hearing their words of gratitude helps remind us ‘I was naked and you clothed me…’, and how truly invaluable the clothing ministry is to the community. And how it can only happen when we show up for it. It’s not a given – each and every month it takes our time and effort as His hands and feet to make it work. Without us, the doors stay closed. And so far, we keep managing to make it work!

But oh, how we could use more help! If you’ve never participated in this ministry, you would be so dearly welcomed! If you have but it’s been a while, we would delight in your assistance! It’s just one day a month, with a brief but impactful two hours spent helping folks who are truly grateful for your time.

The clothing ministry and our guests would be thankful for whatever time you’re able to offer. 

Please help us continue to be a blessing to our community – reach us by calling (503) 668-6144 or online to get involved!

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