Many People Don't Know this about Depression and Anxiety

Several years ago I persuaded Dr. Neil Nedley, M.D., to present at an Oregon Youth for Christ event I helped plan. At the event I introduced Dr. Nedley to Nathan Hyde. I met Nathan through my friend Rob Norris who lives in Castle Rock, Washington.


Nathan and Rob worked together. Nathan suffered from depression and had sought professional help from his doctor. The help he received is the standard of care for people with depression--a prescription for medicine.


I used to work as a mental health therapist treating people with depression and anxiety disorders. For several years I referred my patients to psychiatrists in the clinic where I worked.


I sat with my patients and those psychiatrists as the doctor took note of each patient's symptoms and prescribed medications they hoped would give them relief from mental illness. Time after time many of these patients returned four weeks later reporting uncomfortable side effects and little or no improvement. What next? The doctor’s best solutions usually involved trying a different drug or adding a drug to relieve the side effects.


Medications for depression and anxiety often provide relief for depression and anxiety, but many times they do not. Sometimes they create more problems than they solve. For many people, the medications offered aren't a good long-term solution. The drugs don't address the causes of depression and anxiety, and sometimes leave people feeling drugged in an uncomfortable way.


That's what happed to Nathan. Then, he got his life back.


The path Nathan took to breaking free from depression was through what is now called the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. Rob and his wife Jeannie offered Dr. Nedley's program at their church. Nathan watched and listened to the recorded presentations by Dr. Nedley, putting what he learned into practice. He got his life back.


At the Oregon Youth for Christ event, I introduced Nathan to Dr. Nedley as someone who had gotten his life back through Nedley's program. His story so impressed Dr. Nedley he soon hired Nathan to work alongside him in helping others get their life back.


Several years later, Nathan is still living a full life. He might have missed out on it had he not made the choice to go through this 8-week course that helped him positively transform his life, and then help others positively transform theirs.


Many who suffer from chronic depression and anxiety can recover by following Nedley's scientifically supported plan that restores restful sleep, improves moods, increases energy and focus, and builds confidence. All this is done without never-ending refills of monthly prescriptions and hours spent in a counselor’s office.


A remarkable fact about this program is that it’s not offering something new.


The solutions offered by Dr. Nedley for getting your life back are based on principles established at Creation, taught in the Bible and revealed to His church through inspiration.


It's taken time for research to catch up, but science supports the nutritional and lifestyle interventions taught by Dr. Nedley that have empowered thousands of people to break free from depression and anxiety and get their life back.


Why don't more people know about these solutions? Why aren't doctors, therapists and the public told that these options are available?


Follow the money. The companies that produce and market medicines send a lot of money to medical schools, news organizations, and spend millions on advertising to promote their drugs as the best solution. In return, they bring in billions of dollars each year for their shareholders.


No conspiracy here. This is all done out in the open.


What we have is an opportunity. Many people are already dissatisfied with the treatment they've received for depression and anxiety. They know the long lists of side effects that can occur with each new prescription drug are real. We have a solution that can help them get their life back--without side effects, at a much lower cost, and better results than what standard health care offers.


Nine out of ten people who complete the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program and follow its recommendations report decreased depression and anxiety and greater well-being.


Perhaps you know someone who is looking for a way out of depression or anxiety. Perhaps that person is you. Consider offering yourself or another person this opportunity to become healthier and happier.


It's God's health plan, designed by the Designer to help is live the life He wants for us.


Download a flyer to share with someone you care about.


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