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Supernatural Words

When I was in grade school, my favorite school assemblies featured entertainers. My favorite entertainers were magicians.


I didn't know Jesus, then. Magic tricks fascinated me. I knew it was all illusion, but I craved the ability to amaze an audience by appearing to defy the laws of nature.


Dad bought me a set of large stainless-steel rings. Each ring measured about 10 inches in diameter. The rings possessed the unreal ability to link together by simply tapping them together.


With practice, I became quite good at linking the rings using the common incantation of magicians, “Abracadabra.”


Of course, there was no real magic in the word abracadabra or the rings.


There was nothing supernatural taking place.


The appearance of linking the rings could only be accomplished by deception–acting in way to suggest something to be true that was not.


Human magic uses natural means to suggest supernatural results.


That’s what lies do.


Lies use natural words to suggest something supernatural happened that didn’t.


Jesus' words are not like that. The words of Jesus are always truth and contain within them the power to produce whatever claims they make.  That’s because Jesus is the Word by which all things created were made (John 1:3).


As the Creator, Jesus is above all that is natural, and all that is natural is subject to Him (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus is the Supernatural through whom all creation can be restored to its original status (Romans 8:21).


As I read God’s words in the Bible, I realize that these are not natural words that need something done to them to give them magic. These words are a manifestation of the original Magic that spoke the universe into existence. By that same power, Jesus speaks love and new life into you and me, if we let His words abide us.


"The name of Jesus is all powerful to save. It is this magic name that dispels our darkness and gives us light in the Lord. It cheers our hearts in the darkest seasons of our pilgrimage and gives us peace with God." Ellen G. White, RH August 5, 1909, par. 5


Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Life begins and never ends when we let Him in and feed on the Bread of Life.


“The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.” (John 1:4, NLT)

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