Totally Convinced Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt!

By Larry Young

Everyone has their faith in God challenged at one time or another. It might be untimely loss of a loved one, rejection or subversion by a trusted church member, a collision of beliefs, overwhelming circumstances, disbelief that God would allow so many bad things to happen, or feeling that your prayers go no higher than the ceiling, etc., etc.

As I entered college, I never gave the existence or concept of God a second thought. For me, Christians were just a bunch of wackos who thumped their Bibles with one hand and were reaching in my back pocket with the other hand. If you put the leaders of all the different Christian beliefs around a huge table, each one would claim to have the absolute TRUTH, but all of them would be opposed to each other on key beliefs. I had no use for their God.

My course of study was biomedical electronics, so my classes included heavy doses of cardiology, pulmonology, biology, and physics. The more I studied about the precise construction and operation of the human body, I couldn’t help but see the incredible complexity of each organ and all the bodily machines that had to work together using complex chemistry and biological interplays and intricate backup systems and redundancy.

What finally pushed me over the edge was the Krebs Cycle of food to energy conversion. Back then, the complexities of DNA wasn’t known yet, but the non-reducible complexities of biological compounds became impossible unless SOMEBODY REALLY REALLY smart did all this. That’s when the pressures of evolutionary biology and disbelief in a Deity went out the window. There HAD to be a creator to make all this happen.

My new belief that there had to be a creator God was the only solution that could explain the construction and operation of the human body. It wasn’t a religious belief or based on any religious input. I never referenced the Bible or any religious materials. The facts were irrefutable and right there in front of my

So when I am dealt overwhelming discouragement or personal loss or whatever, my belief in God never waivers. I am totally convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt. Is my faith tried and waiver sometimes?

Yes, the weak point is me in my humanity…but not the facts about who God is and what He has done for me and in me. Today’s studies in the information carried in DNA only adds to my unwavering conviction.

Let this conviction be yours too.

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